Reader Quotes

“I purchased your book at the Kingsway Craft Show 2013 – it was a Sunday. I began to read it on the Monday and finished by Wednesday. I couldn’t put it down! The character’s were realistic and the romance story line would make any person want to be “Gracie”. I look forward to the next book to this. Congratulations this is a winner!”

Diane Doherty
Oshawa, ON
2013 DEC 04


“Finished the book you gave me last night or I should say early this morning reading until 4:30 am. I have read a few pages every night so …. now I have finished it I should be able to get to sleep at my usual time! But I must say, I have enjoyed reading the book. Thanking you (Michelle) for the book and also your friend that wrote it.”

Isobel Gray
Newtonville, ON
2013 OCT 20


“Kathryn, I love your book. Have missed my subway stop twice while reading! I am a very slow reader, but I am a reader that reads every word and enjoys it. Can’t wait for the sequel. Get going!”

Shirlee O’Connor
Toronto, ON
2013 JAN 31


“I met you at the Kingsway College Craftshow. You autographed my copy of Aubrey. I absolutely loved your book. It had all the different qualities that you said it would offer. Humour, romance, intrigue, mystery, suspense and much more. I am really looking forward to your next novel. Have you decided on a title for it, so i am able to find it when it is released?”

Cheryl McIntosh
Oshawa, ON
2013 JAN 29


“Thank you for a wonderful book. Cannot wait for #2. You made it easy to feel what Gracie was feeling so many times throughout the book and the ending was great and made you want to grab the next book and continue on. Any idea on when #2 will be available?”

Dianne Osborne-McRobert
Courtice, ON
2013 JAN 24


“See Home Page for book review by Tilda Shalof, beloved Registered Nurse and Canadian Best selling Author!”

Tilda Shalof
Toronto, ON
2013 JAN 21


“I purchased this book for a friend and one for me at the craft show. I LOVED it. I also enjoyed meeting you. Your book was extremely well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. It was also well edited. I really hate reading grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I am very much looking forward to the second book. When will it be available?”

C. J. Smith
Whitby, ON
2013 JAN 17


“Hi Kathryn….I purchased your book from you at the Seven Day Adventist Christmas Craft Sale just before Christmas……I was ill for a few days during the holidays and read your book in two days….Excellent read….looking forward to your next book…..Congratulations on your first book!!”

Janice Durling
Oshawa, ON
2013 JAN 02


“I was just wondering when your new book is coming out. I enjoyed your book a great deal. Once I got into it, it was difficult to put down. I had some of the situations figured out correctly, but some others were a complete surprise. Hope the next one is just as exciting.”

Midge Buzza
Oshawa, ON
2012 NOV 12


“I was thrilled to hear that you had written your first novel. I love reading and read several novels of varying authors weekly. I have to tell you that your book is the best that I have ever read. I literally could not put the book down, and page after page, it had me chuckling out loud and wondering what would happen next. I can hardly wait to read the next novel, I am so excited about it. I keep checking to see if it is published yet.

You are a skilled author and it shows! Congratulations to you on such a wonderful success.”

Joan Low
Port Hope, ON
2012 NOV 11


“I wanted to share with you that I loved your first book. I really had not read since my father passed away (24 years ago), but I wanted to read your book and wow, what a great story. It held my interest from beginning to end – just fabulous. (It was funny, emotional and action packed – just like you! Thank you for getting me started again, and please keep writing. You are truly gifted.”

Kerri Miller
Bewdley, ON
2012 NOV 11


“I have just finished Aubrey, Great Read, I couldn’t put it down. I purchased at Aunt Laura’s Tea Room. I wished a few of them had been autographed!

Glenna Fiorini
Bethany, ON
2012 NOV 08



Pickering, ON
2012 NOV 01


“Spent a night in Montaque, PEI on my way to Les Iles de la Madeleine when I notice I forgot the book I was reading home in West Pubnico N.S. Walked to the local pharmacy (Shopers Drug Mart) and there was only one novel to be bought (Aubrey). Had not heard of the book but I bought it and read it in no time . Enjoyed it ,so do I understand there will be another one as it says to be continue……

Rolande d’Entremont
West Pubnico, N.S.
2012 OCT 07


“I finally got a chance to finishing reading the book. Afternoons after gardening by the pool with a glass of wine!!

Anyway, I loved it and it definately is a romance adventure story.

I am however, really upset with you!! I had no idea that you were going to …….. I cursed you when I read ………. lol [… edited to protect storyline]

SO WHEN is the next one ready?? Can’t wait, Barb

Barbara van Pelt
Grimsby, ON
2012 AUG 13
Vinifera, The Inn on Winery Row



Just a quick note to say I LOVE your book….”

Cindy Howard
O’Leary, P.E.I.
2012 JULY 16


I bought your book Aubrey from you at the Oshawa University Craft Show. I loved the book and have been waiting patiently for the next. Could you tell me when it will be out and where I can buy it? I greatly admire your writing and look forward to reading more of your work.”

Judy Myers
Oshawa, ON
2012 JUNE 27


“I love the car as much as the book Kathryn!”  Aubrey Gets Wrapped

April Plumton
Brighton, ON
2012 MAY 19


“Started and finished reading Aubrey in 2 days – excellent, excellent! Honestly can’t wait for the sequel. Paige is going to read it now and then Trixie. Is the second book going to be released anytime soon? I love your sense of humour Kathryn!”

Donna Ferguson
Tweed, ON
2012 MAY 17


“”I loved it!!!! Couldn’t wait to start reading it…When I did start, I could barely put it down!! I really enjoyed it!! Can’t wait for next one to come out…Great job Kathryn!!!”

Colette Kehagias
Oshawa, ON
2012 APR 30


“I finished and enjoyed reading your first book Aubrey and I am anxiously waiting for the next one. Please keep me posted when it is available.”

Christine Armstrong
O’Leary, P.E.I.
2012 APR 29


“I truly enjoyed reading “Aubrey”. Great story telling and the fact that it is part of a “trilogy” is the best part. Also, my interest was held by the ‘Island” connection in the story. Now waiting for the rest of the story!!! Great job Kathryn.”

Lillian Silliker
Alberton, P.E.I.
2012 MAR 31


“I wasn’t able to put Aubrey down when I started reading it. Enjoyed the references to Cary Grant movies, the relaxing tubs and all of the action. Keep the novels coming!”

Tammy Smith
Tignish, P.E.I.
2012 MAR 28


“I enjoyed reading Aubrey and can’t wait for Spencer. Since I am from Prince Edward Island it was nice to see our beautiful Island mentioned in your book. Keep those books coming Kathryn! Thanks for an enjoyable read!”

Gail Snowden
O’Leary, P.E.I.
2012 MAR 22


“Loved it! This book was so good! I finally got to reading it, and it was so hard to put down, I forgot I was reading a book and thought I was watching a movie! So much suspense and mystery, I guess the romance helped too. Haha, I cannot wait for the next book. So many twists and turns it was great.”

Ryan Turnbull
Courtice, ON
2012 MAR 18


“I read your book on the beach in Cuba last week – it was AMAZING!! When is your next book coming out!!!”

Ashley Ulrich
Courtice, ONT
2012 FEB 27


“I really did love it. I was attracted by the book cover to begin with and it went from there.

I was at first skeptical of my wife’s suggestion to read Aubrey as it was on the book list of her all female book club. Happily, I was mistaken. Wariness was overtaken by a voracious appetite to quickly digest as many pages as I could. I was delighted that a hint of science fiction was woven within this romantic adventure. To peek inside the mind of this young lady was wonderfully illuminating and I can’t wait for the next book.”

Bill Davie
Peterborough, ON
2012 FEB 26


“I read your book and I loved it.. I can’t wait for the next.. I can honestly say I barely was able to put it down.”

Lisa Armstrong
Lindsay, ON
2012 FEB 18


“Just finished your book. Love the characters and can’t wait to see what happens next….. how long do I have to wait?!?!?”

Sara Crough
Peterborough, ON
2012 FEB 03


“Kathryn Roka has scored a big win with her entrancing new book, “Aubrey”. It is an emotional rollercoaster of a thrill ride that will keep the reader spellbound from beginning to end. With an amazing ability to bring her characters to life in a completely believable manner, Ms. Roka weaves a tale that is part romance, part suspense-filler thriller and 100% engrossing entertainment. A really great read that was hard to put down. Welcome to your new life, Kathryn!”

Randy Rosatte
Belleville, ON
2012 JAN 09


“Kathryn’s novel ‘Aubrey’ is the perfect escape from reality linking the past with the present with a generous dose of wit and humor. While reading it, I experienced a FAB ‘endomorphin rush’. I loved her amusing and tragic characters and her comical ‘innuendos’ to real life warmhearted relationships with her physician partners as a NP.”

Barbara Grace Cowie
Oshawa, ON
2012 JAN 08


“Oh, my goodness!! Your book, “Aubrey” was awesome!! Kelly, Chris’ wife is reading it now, and can’t put it down! We are wondering when your next book will be available!

Can’t wait….great book!

Jane Niklaus
Bowmanville, ON
2012 JAN 07


“So, I asked for a romantic novel and this one found its way to me on Christmas morning. A signed copy nonetheless. I really want to retell the story, but I don’t want to spoil it…There were a few cute surprises and other interesting tid bits here and there. I really really want to tell but it’s so much fun to find out while reading the book so I won’t. Overall, though, this was a very romantic novel (which will make you blush) about finding true love, passion, friendship, and taking chances in life. I loved all the characters, but the two lead men stole the show, and they kind of reminded me of Maverick and Goose from Top Gun (maybe it’s the Righteous Brothers thing).

The best books have great beginnings and endings. It’s all about coming full circle and gaining a sense of completion. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied by this one. I haven’t read a “to be continued” in a long time, and I really look forward to book two!”

Krista Baker
Toronto, ON
2012 JAN 06


“Just wanted to let u know I have the flu so I was able to finish your book tonight and I know its late but I just wanted to let u know it was amazing, the whole last chapter I kept thinking omg its almost over and now I have this urgency to read the next one.. It actually brought a tear to my eye reading it. Great work can’t wait until the next one is out.. Anyways once again amazing job ..
Talk soon love Ash,”

Ashley Roka
Whitby, ON
2012 JAN 06


“Just wanted to say I read Aubrey and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the 2nd book coming out, any idea when its due out? please let us know…..good read!!!!!”

Lorna Carter
Newcastle, ON
2011 DEC 27


“Just thought I would let you know that I read and loved your book “Aubrey”! It was a very interesting, imaginative read and I really enjoyed it. Way to go, you have great talent!”

Cheryl Law Grasby
Oshawa, ON
2011 DEC 17


“Kathryn, my sister and I met you at the craft show at Durham college just recently. I have now finished reading your “Aubrey” and I loved it. I like your clear and concise way of writing.
The story and the characters held my attention. I eagerly await the next chapter. Might you let your readers know when it is out or some updates??? Would love to know when we will be seeing it!”

Pickering, ON
2011 DEC 13


“I have never really been a book reader but Aubrey kept me turning the pages and spending every free moment wanting to know what happened next. The novel made me feel like I knew the Characters personally. It even made my mom laugh out loud. It made me smile,laugh,tear up and blush. I am patiently waiting to read what happens in the rest of the series.”

Kelly Sexsmith
Trenton, ON
2011 DEC 07


“Kathryn!! I finished in just three evenings of reading! I absolutely loved it, and was reading for hours at a time. I lost track a couple times and was exhausted at work the next day from staying up so late, but it was well worth it!

I’m so impressed with your ability to write so eloquently! There are so many different emotions, I found myself laughing out loud at times, while also getting shivers in the ‘scary’ parts. It definitely reels you in! I’m dying for the next one already, every single chapter left me wanting to read ‘just a little bit’ more.

Hope the next one is going well, because I’ll be first in line.”

Xo Emily English
Toronto, ON
2011 DEC 03


“HI Kathryn…..well it was a great read ….could not put it down for long……always had to find out what was going on in Aubrey land… how long before we get to read book #2.???? I would have left it at one of the hostels to share with others in California but i only had the kindle version….lol……”

Sharen Yaworski
Kingston, ON
2011 NOV


“I just finished your book last night and I loved it. You are very insightful into love and relationships; experience I guess. I started it the Sunday night of your book launch and had to put it away for a week so I would do other things that had to be done. It felt funny to see my name in a book, as that is a first. Thank you for giving my namesake a fun character 🙂 I am looking forward to your to your second book.”

Leisa Baker
2011 NOV 24
Peterborough, ON


“This new author ranks up there with the Kellerman’s, Johansen and Reichs, Kathryn Roka will be the newest addition to my ‘must read’ list. Aubrey is a compelling mix of just the right intrigue and mystery with a touch of romance to keep you turning the pages wanting more. I can’t wait for the series to be continued!!!”

Andrea Michie
Oshawa, ON
2011 NOV 01


“Kathryn has crafted a fine fast-paced tale that intertwines the unlikely combination of time-travel and nurse practitioner practice using a cast of well rounded and believable characters that hold ones interest from the first paragraph. The lead character, Gracie, narrates the unfolding adventure in a humorous and naughty fashion that is very engaging. In short, this book is un-put-downable, and leaves you begging the author for the next in the series.”

Malcolm Jones
Belleville, ON
2011 OCT


“Kathryn I loved the book, I bought it from you at Apple Fest, can’t wait for the next book!!”

Nancy Tonery
Bowmanville, ON
2011 OCT 26


“Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat. This book combines romance with adventure as the forces of good and evil collide while traveling through time. Aubrey is an enjoyable book from cover to cover.”

Colleen Elm
Whitby, ON
2011 OCT


“Kate, I loved your book. I couldn’t put it down. It was a real treat to read it.  You had me crying, laughing out loud, and I was in suspense wondering what was coming next.  I can’t wait for the next book.  Please let me know when you have it available to purchase, I would love to buy a copy. Thanks very much”

Jackie Forsey
Bowmanville, ON
2011 SEPT


I’d say it’s colourful, interesting and very cool!!!! :>)
Just like the author of “Aubrey”!

Janet Heaven
Belleville, ON

2011 OCT

“What can I say… I loved it! This author guyed it up and made it impossible to put down!”

Jeff Brown
Brooklin, ON
2011 AUG