Tilda Shalof Review of Kathryn Roka’s Book Aubrey

Hi Kathryn,

I’ve been wanting to share a few of my responses to Aubrey.

Here are some random notes I made:

I was “in” right away, the first page.  Not too many books grab you right away.  I think it is the warm, inviting voice of the narrator that draws you in immediately.

I like the cliffhangers you have at the end of many of the chapters – esp. Chapter 1

It is clever how you move from 1st person to 3rd and back and forth.  Very skillful.  It works.

It moves!  Your pacing is great and you handle so much complexity, seemingly effortlessly.  You weave all the different strands and characters (there are many) so expertly.  (I’m impressed with that.  It’s something I find very challenging.)

Loved the steamy scenes you warned me about!  Well-done.

Loved the reference to Heartbreak Hotel – it’s a personal fave of mine.

You really know how to do suspense and pull us along, make us want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens.  So many surprises and unexpected plot twists.  It’s very clever.  Even the single mention of Aubrey, right at the end was brilliant as you kept me wondering all along what was the significance of the title.  It makes me think that somehow Aubrey is going to figure strongly in book 2…

The whole time travel thing is so well done, too.  It makes me think of the Time Traveller’s Wife.  Have you read that?

Also the references to Twilight – and the way you bring that in with the teenage girl – very interesting.  I kept wondering if she was going to make another appearance and what happened to her.  Perhaps in book 2?

All in all, such an enjoyable read.

You have a great imagination to conjure all of this up – the story, the characters, the scenes.  It’s amazing how you do it.

Keep on going.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  You’ve got me hooked.

(Please feel free to use any of my comments as a blurb on your web-site.)

Thanks for the book and of course, for our time together in Peterborough.

You’ve given me this experience.  Now, it’s up to me to do justice to the fantastic work of the 360 clinic and its staff in my writing.

I will do my very best.

Take care and I hope to connect with you again one day, Kathryn.