Book Club

  1. The genre is mixed. What do you think is the most prominent genre and why?
  2. Song lyrics and references to music were utilized throughout. What impact did this have in terms of tapping into your audio sensory?
  3. The paper utilized in the printing of Aubrey is environmentally friendly.  How important is this to you and do you look for books that have this indication?
  4. Archie plays a big role.  How do you think this character enriches the novel?
  5. What is a joist hanger? Why is this reference included?
  6. Can you name examples of multiculturalism?
  7. Do soulmates exist? Why or why not?
  8. There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. What do you think of Kate’s struggle to come to terms with the distinction between these two types of love?
  9. Julian is conflicted between doing what is always correct and allowing himself the luxury of being vulnerable with a woman. Explore Julian’s transformation from holding the woman he loves at arm’s length to the other end of the spectrum.  Does he really ever surrender 100% to this human experience that can be taken for granted?
  10. Gracie has a habit of living a risk-free life.  What was the catalyst that forced her to rethink her choices?
  11. Tracey is……. Tracey. How does she impact on the storyline?
  12. Which character is your favourite? Why?
  13. Explore the driver of the black Suburban?
  14. Humour played a large role. What did you find humorous?
  15. What was your favourite part or line?
  16. Name the symbols and structures on the cover?
  17. Do you understand the hidden meaning to the character Levemir Blumer?
  18. If you could ask the author anything, what would you ask?