Canadian Author celebrates with Friends and Family

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After close to 3 years, it was time to celebrate!  November 6th, 2011.  Check it out!

Holiday Inn, Bowmanville. Honda Goldwing look familiar?

Fabulous Donna and Andrea

Best guy ever, Jose!




My beloved niece, Kaitlin. Head of ALL departments for Aubrey.

Daughter Miranda: She’s special..shhh..don’t tell her!

Karen and I have been friends since Grade 5!  Lov’yah!

Kristopher, Macey Moo and Marjie

Woody and Donna

Macey Moo, my Best Friend Forever










One of the nicest peope I know.. and Michelle has soft lips too!

Marlo, you are the best!



Jamie, Ryan,  Aubrey, Karen, Cameron, Colleen, Greyson, Macey Moo, Malcolm

Deborah, one of my best friends! Deborah is the most amazing person ever.

……. and she is absolutely gorgeous too!

Something is obviously funny 🙂 Andrea Al

Lovable Leisa!

Aubrey, the guy…not the book 🙂

Here is the little boy who had everyone smiling!

What can I say?  A big “thank you” to Lorne (photogapher)

June, Dick and Michelle

Marvelous Michelle Love you, June! Michelle









Ann is one of my oldest and dearest!  You are the best! 

Lorne and Michelle

Miranda  and Karen

Next Week:  Come back next week.  I am going to explore the character of Bob Siegel and the importance of a certain memorial near the Boston Harbor and Boston City Hall.  If you think you know what this is, send me a comment.